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Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?

Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?
I was recently asked the following question:
"Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?"

Such an interesting question; let's delve into this shall we? Starting with the first portion of the sentence: a dive. By this I'm sure it means a shady little pub or bar. We all know the places, there are strange people who haven't showered since their twelfth birthday sitting outside on a tuesday at nine in the morning. They smell of garlic bread (the cheap kind) and up-chuck. Not exactly the most pleasant of places to visit, unless you're into that kind of thing. But let's not write off dives before they're given a shot. These little dives can become second homes to townies; places where there's no ritz, just a pint or a hard drink to help you forget the little hellions at home (or how much you're going to have to pay the babysitter - those damned teenagers!) or what a god awful day at work you just had (I believe the little hellions comment still applies). Its casual and comfortable, and that's the reason dives are still in business. They hold the appeal of a certain audience, and it works for them. So for now, the dives get a passing grade.

Onto the next point. Steam.. now this part I'm not sure of. Is this some kind of new gang ritual? "Steaming" someone sounds dangerous.. or overtly sexual. Perhaps even both. And the fact that it's paired with "unlucky volunteer" leads my mind to wander. But maybe I'm just being over analytical (thought I believe thats the point of this post). It could possibly be referring to the laundering method of steaming articles of clothing. Why, you might ask, would the volunteer be unlucky? Wouldn't someone want a freshly laundered shirt or pair of pants? Well first of all, no, and try not to sound so pretentious. Not everyone really gives a hoot if they have wrinkles on their clothing. And to answer your question, maybe the unlucky volunteer is forced to keep their clothing on while its steamed. How does that sound for unpleasant!

In conclusion, I believe that this question does have a right answer. Dives should steam in the unlucky volunteer. Dives are a little run of the mill and the sketchy part of town is getting boring fast, so bring on the laundering and gang practices and don't forget to bring a bowl of popcorn.
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